The Berolina Liner meets the highest standards and is versatile in its application

The innovative Berolina Liner tube lining system is convincing users with the most varied needs in duct sanitation without trenches all over the world. We combine the highest product quality with the flexibility of being able to realize individual parameters according to the clients’ wishes. The procedure of liner production based on fiberglass-reinforced plastics developed and patented by BKP is unique in the world. Our high-quality composite materials combine a high chemical permanence with extreme stability and longevity. Experts have certified that our main product, the Berolina Liner, is of excellent quality.

In the Berolina system, we use composite materials made of corrosion-resistant fiberglass and high-quality polyester or vinyl resins. Its unique wall structure is decisive for the outstanding quality and the versatile application of the Berolina Liner. The liners consist of up to 5 layers of resin-saturated fiberglass complexes and/or polyester webs which are overlapped and offset in their arrangement. Infinitely stretchable, theoretically, the seamlessly produced liner is optimally adjusted to circular or oval profiles in diameters of 150 to 1600 mm and can also be used with cross-section or profile passages without any problems. The continuous fiber orientation in the perimeter direction optimizes the energy flux without impeding the stretching. Thanks to the best mechanical values, through the fiberglass reinforcement, only slight wall thicknesses are necessary. Through this, the cross-section leakage is reduced to a minimum after the pipe sanitation.       

In addition, the Berolina Liner is provided with a protective inner film and a UV-proof outer film. When delivered, the Berolina Liner is ready to be installed and can be stored for up to six months.

The installation of the Berolina Liner requires a minimum expenditure of energy and effort at the building site and requires only a brief installation time. The hardening of the liner takes place with UV light. This hardening procedure, independent of temperature, causes by far the least CO2 emissions compared to other hardening procedures.

Altogether, the production, transport and installation of the Berolina Liner require a low expenditure of energy and other resources. The production of the liner is achieved without styrol emissions. This protects the environment and leads to lower costs at the same time.

BKP values the quality assurance of its products very highly.

The production of the Berolina Liners for the worldwide market is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 and is regularly inspected by the Technical Surveillance Association. We carry out detailed examinations of each production batch. The batches are tested beyond delivery for dimensional stability, impregnation quality and viscosity of the resin, as well as the hardening behaviour and mechanical values, with visual and online inspections extending beyond the production process. The performance quality of our liner has already been externally verified by a 10,000-hour test and the HD water test in accordance with the Hamburg model (60 flushing operations) with outstanding results.

Not only the production but also the installation of the liner is subjected to a comprehensive quality inspection, for example through a camera-supported TV inspection during and after the hardening. It was possible to document all the installation steps via special software. The hardened liner pipe is then tested afterwards.

Construction site in russia

Company: Kompleks VK

Place: Jekaterinburg, Russland

Diameter: ID 200 (8")

Total length: 55 meter (180 feet)

Installation time: 5,5 hours

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