The patented engineering wall construction

From the very beginning, BKP has developed its liner type under the motto: optimum use for each user. This is how an innovative and flexible product procedure was created which allows for the stipulation of a large number of individual parameters – for a product that unifies the advantages of previously known liners and also offers new qualities. The Berolina liners are seamless, are manufactured out of fiberglass or polyester webs or as a sandwich of both materials according to the request profile, are light-hardening and reveal a theoretically infinite stretching behavior. This special characteristic is made possible by the engineered wall structure.

The fiberglass complexes in the Berolina liner are overlapped and arranged in an offset manner. This enables decisive advantages to be realized.

The Berolina liner can also be offset on the item with cross-section and/or profile passages and can be adjusted to the given conditions without any problems. The continuous fiber orientation in the perimeter direction optimizes the energy flux without any hindrance to the stretching.  

Alongside the advantages of the Berolina Liner already mentioned, one other thing is especially important to us: quality assurance. The performance ability of our liner has already attained outstanding results in 10,000-hour tests, the high-pressure flushing test in accordance with the Hamburg model (60 rinsing operations), the function test (CP308) as well as other tests generally on the world market. We carry out detailed inspections of each production batch before delivery in order to be able to assure the highest constant quality at the highest level. The inspections begin with a constant visual and online test of the liner by our trained production personal and employees in quality assurances. The Berolina Liner is examined according to the criteria of dimensional stability, impregnation quality and viscosity of the resin prior to the hardening of a four-meter long Berolina Liner from each production batch. The Berolina Liner is hardened as in practical situations by means of a UV-light source.

The following testing criteria are the most important ones for this liner pipe:
Liquid tightness test in accordance with DIN/EN 1610
Measurement of the wall thickness
Measurement of the starting-ring rigidity in accordance with DIN 53769, Part 3
Measurement of the resin content

Only production batches which fulfil our high requirements and pass all the tests are delivered. This ensures the consistently high level of quality of the Berolina-Liner.

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