BKP Berolina-Liner Newsletter July 2016

Berolina-Liner product improvements in detail

UV-protection foil for small diameters now flush bonded

The patented UV-protection foil of Berolina-Liners has been implemented so far by attaching and bonding two equally wide foils overlapping at both sides. Due to manufacturing tolerances when attaching the two foils several layers of the liner in the packing unintentionally could stick together. In case of small and light Berolina-Liners DN 150 mm – DN 300 mm (6”-12”) sometimes several layers of the liner have been pulled out of the package at the same time. Due to a change in the manufacturing process the UV-protection foil will be attached flush without free overlaps at both sides. This will avoid that several layers can be pulled out unintended.

Integrated enhancement for small diameters protects the Liner

On customers demand BKP now offers for small diameters up to DN 375mm (15”) an integrated enhancement. This enhancement which is integrated between the original outer foil and the UV-protection foil can be optionally ordered.  Under good host pipe conditions no additional gliding foil will be necessary.

Picture: After severe friction when winching in the Berolina-Liner. The integrated enhancement made of fabric tape securely saved the outer foil from damages – only the UV-protection foil has been partially damaged.

Approval for pressure liners up to PN 12 (175psi) in near future

The cooperation with the Berlin based contractor for pipe renovation – Karl Weiss - enters the decisive phase. Both companies developed the update of Karl Weiss’s product from “STARLINE” to “Starline structure”. The new product designed for structural rehabilitation of gas pipes (DN 300 mm – DN 600 mm / 12”-24”) and pressurised sewer pipes (DN 150 mm – DN 600 mm / 6”-24”) will be certified and approved shortly. First side installations will be accomplished within the next weeks. The new liner type will be available with maximum length of 150 meters (500 feet).

ISO 9001:2008 -> valid until July 2018

The annual ISO audit has been successfully finished. The audit proves that BKP’s management fulfils all requirements of ISO 9001:2008.

Certificate to be downloaded… 

Hamburg approval for Berolina-Liner System fulfilled by Swietelsky-Faber’s Hamburg branch

Swietelsky-Faber installed a test side in March 2016 based on the current Hamburg requirements for CIPP according to DN EN ISO 11296-4. Within one day and a half three Berolina-Liners have been installed.



We introduce

Dipl.-Ing. Theodoros Maimanakos assistant for President Sales since February.

Assistant President Sales
BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG
Heidering 28
16727 Velten, Germany
Tel.:    +49 3304 / 20 88 128
Fax:    +49 3304 / 20 88 110

David Kijewski our new Application Technician.

Application Technician
BKP Berolina Polyester GmbH & Co. KG
Heidering 28
16727 Velten, Germany

Tel.:   +49 3304 / 20 88 166
Fax:   +49 3304 / 20 88 110
Cell:   +49 172 / 88 28 659


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